Antennas+ is a tool for radio enthusiasts to calculate the dimensions of various antennas and matching systems. The application uses Dynamic Page WYSIWYG technology to provide intuitive pan and zoom interaction for entering the data and viewing the results. An Assistant will guide you step by step in entering the data used in creating an antenna design. The antenna designs are stored as pages within workbooks so that you can save and access your designs at any time. The results are graphically presented with PDF results that can be exported as an email, Dropbox file, Google Drive file, or any other format that is offered by your Android File Provider utility.

The antenna and matching systems available for calculation are as follows (more designs are regularly added):

– Simple Dipole,
– Folded Dipole,
– Inverted “V” Dipole,
– Off-Centre-Fed Dipole,
– Horizontal Loop,
– Vertical Quad Loop,
– Vertical Delta Loop (Top Apex),
– Vertical Delta Loop (Bottom Apex)

– 1/4 Wave Vertical,
– 1/2 Wave Vertical,
– 5/8 Wave Vertical,
– “J” Pole

– 3 Element Beam

– Basic Dipole
– Basic Folded Dipole
– Complex Folded Dipole

    – 1/4 Wave Transformer
    – 1:4 Coaxial Balun

The antenna frequency can be specified in either gigahertz, megahertz, or kilohertz.

The calculated measurements can be displayed in Metric Units (kilometers, meters, centimeters, or millimeters) or Imperial Units (miles, feet, feet-Inches, feet-Inches-fractions, or inches).

The FREE version is a fully functioning application with exception to the following:
– Shows Ads. Ads will not be shown in the Premium version.
– Only one workbook is permitted. The Premium version will allow more than one workbook to be created.
– Exported pages will be watermarked.

The following are examples of the type of calculations available in Antennas+ ….


Basic Dipole Antenna
OffCentre Fed Dipole Antenna
Inverted Vee Antenna
Vertical Delta Loop Antenna
"J" Pole Antenna
Vertical Antenna
3 Element Beam Antenna
1/4 Wave Transformer


Design parameters are entered directly on the Dynamic Page or the Assistant Dialog can be used to guide you through all of the steps required to complete a design. Each of the calculations can be exported as a PDF page …

Dounload now from Google Play.